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Longshoreman by Benjamin Pond

Longshoreman, the book, by Benjamin Baverstock Pond

This is a warm and charming autobiography that will transport the reader back in time, experiencing the unusual and carefree life of the author, Benjamin Pond, and his surrounding environment.

Hardcover: 178 pages
Publisher: Janus Publishing Ltd (30 Jan 2009)
Language English
ISBN-10: 1857566645
ISBN-13: 978-1857566642
Product Dimensions: 21 x 15.4 x 2.2 cm

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Hamish Murray, Dorset Life
Benjamin Pond's book, Longshoreman, recounts his many adventures during his varied career and reveals him as a natural story-teller. His knowledge of and love for the Purbeck heathland between the wards shine through as he vividly evokes that place and that time. It makes for a fascinating story, well told.

A fascinating insight into life in the early 20th century around Poole and Dorsets waterways. A good read for anybody interested in fishing and country life in this area.
Strongly recommended.

P. Reynolds
This was my first ebook ever.
As i am a fisherman and living in the same home town as Benjamin Pond i could really relate to this book. I even spent my childhood fishing around most of the places mentioned in Dorset too.
Very good read.

This is a great book which is very easy to read, whether you have any interest in fishing or not. A great insight into the local history of Bournemouth, Poole, and particularly the Sandbanks area of Dorset written by someone who knew this area so very well. Many things in this book that you would not have learned in your history lessons at school!

Benjamin Ponds anecdotes will teach you much but he speaks with great humour and this very entertaining writing style makes the whole book most enjoyable.

buy this book - you won't regret it!!

J. Type
Once i brought the book and started reading it, i had to keep reading to the end with out a break, what a lovely written down to earth book of the life of Mr Pond,from a boy to a man from sea to river.
If you like fishing or your not keen on fishing, you must read the fascinating life of this man, a very good read and highly recomended!

Anthony S.
I ask myself, how was I able to enjoy this book so much considering the fact that I hate fishing and boats, but this book WAS enjoyable and easy to read. I know this book is only a one of but I also know that if there was a sequel it would be on my Kindle and read.

M. Clark
One of the most interesting books I have read,having grown up in the the surrounding areas that Benjemin so vividly describes in such a fantastic way. I had the honour of meeting Ben, sadly in his latter years, but what a Gentleman he was,full of fabulous tales, which have now been put on paper by his son Michael.
I also fished on Bournemouth pier in my early years and went on to become a professional fisherman, also beachcombing which was such a main part of Benjemins life was and still is a main part of mine.
Even if you dont know the areas that are being so well described by Ben, and also not that interested in fishing or beachcombing, You will still find the Longshoreman a very interesting read as it relates so well back to the Halcyon days that we remember and that the book so cleverly portrays, and Im sure we would all like to return to.

R. Dore
A most enjoyable book. Any yachtsman who enjoys exploring the nooks and crannies of Poole Harbour will be interested in these reminiscences of one of its most individuaistic and observant denizens, writing (in columns of the Poole and East Forset Herald) more than half a century ago when there was a good deal more of Nature in the harbour and a good deal less of Man. There is a lot of fun in the later sections too, after the author moves inland; fishermen's tales,river-keepers' tales galore.

I found this book very enjoyable and interesting read ,it is suitable for any age it is also a very educational book of life in the early nineteenth century.

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