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Avon Castle, Ringwood
where Benjamin Pond was once the River Bailiff (River Avon)

The area now called Avon Castle is best known for the Victorian built property of that name, once seat of the Earls of Egmont,  from 1913 to 1938. The site itself has a much longer history that includes a “cottage ornee” named Avon Cottage with origins on the site dating back to the mid 17th century. It grew to be the centre of a 1450 acre estate, and was replaced by the Castle in 1875-8 by the Turner family,  there are still remnants of the cottage in the cellars.

Today the district is primarily a low density residential area which includes some very exclusive properties. The Castle itself was converted into flats in 1949/50, most now privately owned. Previously linked with Ringwood Parish, it became part of St. Leonards and St. Ives with the county boundary changes of 1974.

William Andrews,July 15th, 2012
Does anyone have more details of the history of the castle? I live there, and have got the cellars referred to beneath my flat. I’ve never before heard that they are the remnants of a cottage orne.

Andy Foot (webmaster) July 16th, 2012 is one of the websites I looked at for some background facts to accompany this image. This is where the cottage remnants are mentioned.
Maybe other visitors to this page may be able to add more!

Sue Payne, February 21st, 2013
I lived near Avon Castle in 1954 when I was 11 years old. We rented a semi-detached house near the castle, I think 5 minutes or so walk from the castle and river. There was a bothy up to the right (downstream) of the castle and the whole area was under beech wood. There were one or two other houses a few minutes walk away too. I remember there was a long dirt drive which was covered in rhodidendron from the Ringwood/Matchams Park road and another shorter steep drive again up to the Matchams road but further south.
My youngest brother was drowned in the river on the Castle grounds on the 3rd February 1954, and the river was thick with sludgy ice. Memories, not all pleasant.

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